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Family Owned & Operated Eyewear Company in the USA for 40 Years


Randolph Engineering eyewear has donned the faces of everyone from US Air Force pilots to red carpet celebrities. The family-owned and operated brand has been quietly handcrafting these unique and exquisite frames in a small factory, outside of Boston for more than 40 years. Each frame is built to precision using absolutely top-grade materials. Frame finishes include 23k gold and rose gold and are plated at a local jeweler to ensure quality and durability. Specialized details, like Tokyo tortoise temple tips, adorn certain frames.


“ 'Made in the USA' makes a difference, made well in the USA makes the biggest difference. 


For five weeks skilled artisans finely cut, mold, stamp, twist, solder, tumble, plate and polish each and every frame. It takes more than 200 steps, mostly by hand, to produce just one pair of sunglasses. Randolph thinks of it as “jewelry for the face.” At Randolph, it is not just about creating the finest crafted eyewear, it’s about seeing the bigger picture and acknowledging that though “Made in the USA” makes a difference, made well in the USA makes the biggest difference. Randolph Engineering eyewear is not just a pair of glasses, it’s a promise—to remain invested in our country, our artisans, our heritage and most importantly, our customers


Randolph USA



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