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Turada Hardwood Shingles - The Untreated Alternative


Unlike traditional cedar shingles, Turada® Hardwood Shingles do not need to be treated, they excel in severe weather locations, and last a lifetime. Additionally, unlike cedar shingles, they are also fire resistant, mold resistant, and insect resistant, making Turada® Hardwood Shingles the best choice for replacing your cedar shingles.


Beauty & Longevity

Made to last for more than 50 years and are suitable for any environment. Our product has been used as a quality cedar replacement for years now, and homeowners love it.


Durability & Safety

Naturally resistant to insects and decay and have the highest fire safety rating without any chemical treatment. They have also stood up to category 5 hurricane winds!


Environmentally Friendly

Made from Wallaba, a tree that grows naturally in the forests of Guyana. Our shingles are extremely environment friendly, since unlike cedar they do not need to be treated with chemicals.




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